Monday, April 22, 2013


I turn 22, on the 29th. (Happy Birthday to me!)
My boyfriend, (Man I have got to come up with a decent pseudonym for him... I would go with "The Incredible Hulk" but, A.) that's even longer than typing 'my boyfriend' and B.) that would just add to his already gigantic ego... Oh! I got it, I'll call him Bruce... God I'm a nerd.) is taking me to the Tigers game on my birthday. :D
Now what you all don't know is that Bruce doesn't like baseball... I know, I know... It's Un-American. But, before you guys go after him with pitchforks and torches ablaze, you should know...

This Tiger is very upset you don't like baseball, BRUCE!!!
He's telling the townspeople to grab their torches and pitchforks!

He knows how much I love it, so he'll indulge my need to know about the Tigers, accepts that when we grab lunch or dinner at a place that is broadcasting the Tigers game, I will inevitably get distracted and tune him out to some degree, and he'll occasionally update me on the game if I'm somewhere where I can't watch it.

It would seem you've placated the one, Bruce.
Now you just have to deal with his two buddies...
However, the sweetest thing he's done, thus far, is turn on the TV at his place, and sit down and watch a few innings with me. AT HIS PLACE... He finds the channel the game is on, flips to it, and doesn't touch the remote again. Plus, he cuddles me while he's watching. He's a keeper for sure.

AND NOW?!?! He's taking me to a game, for my BIRTHDAY!!! Not because he'll enjoy it, but because he knows I'll enjoy it. (Hopefully I can get him into it too... *fingers crossed*) Plus it's a night game!!! :D Which is awesome, because A.) If it's chilly I can just cuddle up to him (not that I really need a reason to cuddle, it's just nice to have an excuse sometimes... I'm quite possibly an excessive cuddler...) B.) The eyes in the tigers on top of the score board glow green at night. and C.) What's more romantic than walking through downtown Detroit at night? (Kidding... I just felt like I needed to put more than 2 things in my list this time... Seriously though, if you've never been to/ aren't familiar with how to keep safe in a city, a night game is probably not the best idea for you.)

How cool is he? All lit up and stuff... Can't see the glowy eyes in this picture though.
So, basically I have the best boyfriend ever, and the funny thing is, he was disguised as my best guy friend for a little over 2 years... Who knew?

'Cause it's ONE, TWO, THREE STRIKES, I'm out... :P

Also, I grabbed all these pics from Google images, if they're yours and you want credit, just let me know. I have no problem crediting the rightful owner.

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