Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clothes Bruce.. Have You Heard of Them??

I Bring You More Weirdness from Emily and I...
Again, she's in blue.... I'm not. Also, any comments I make that were not part of the conversation are highlighted in turquoise.

I have awesome friends

Well, I know I'M awesome. idk about the rest of the people.

Though today I'm feeling very weird
I know you are.
And everyone else is too
Can you turn off my brain?

Ummm... ask someone to whack you with a 2x4, that should do it.
Oh... you didn't want a concussion? Ummm... Then I really don't have any helpful suggestions...


Did you see the shirts I found?

They're awesome

I found one for Bruce, lol.

lol bacon?

Here is exactly what I sent him:
http://www.bustedtees.com/onswitch saw this... thought of you... because of your propensity to not wear shirts, I figured you should have a piece that lets people know that you are in fact wearing a shirt.


Because, seriously, when we hang out, he doesn't wear a shirt... like 90% of the time...


and I'm all.... "Clothes Bruce.. have you heard of them?" and then he just looks at me and acts like he's going to take his pants off...

. . . .

And I'm all "Stop that!! I'm a lady and I have delicate sensibilities"

And then he laughs because you just called yourself delicate

Actually that isn't what I say at all..

And then he didn't have to

I just whack him.


But were I to say that I can imagine his reaction... he would look at me like "are you friggin kidding right now?" and then he'd realize I called myself delicate, and then laugh.

Called it

And then he'd harass me about it for the rest of forever.
Like I will be harassing him about the two full fives forever.


None of that singles shit. I want my change in full fives damnit!
I want Scores of full fives!!! You hear me? Scores!

lol  (Apparently I Am HILARIOUS. . . Just Saying.)

I want a full score of full fives.
Yep... His life is going to be hell.


But yeah... I think I told you that I slipped up and told him that I felt dainty when he held me... he just will not let it die.


So I will never again be saying anything of that nature.


Emmy wasn't very vociferous in this part, but it's ok, she got to chat more later about her potential beau... Who I have decided on a whim to call Beau.


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    1. Emily... You are sleep deprived. It's finals week for you. I know you like turtles, but this has nothing to do with this post.