Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holy hell... It's been a crazy month

So, I started school this month. I also started clinicals. My first 7 weeks is in Labor and Delivery, my second 7 weeks is in Pediatrics. I got to see a baby being born on the 20th. It was awesome... right up until the moment after dad cut the umbilical cord... Everybody gather 'round, let me tell you a story...

It is 0720 (that's 7:20 AM for those of you not used to military time which is used in the medical field as well) and I and the other 6 people in my clinical group are gathered around our instructor who is looking for appropriate assignments for us. I say "I'd like to see a labor." and my instructor goes, "Ok, but there's an orientee with the nurse in one of the ongoing labors do you mind not having a partner?"and I go "Nope not at all." and so by 7:35 we all get assigned rooms. My instructor tells me to wait outside my room because the nurse is in there with the patient right then, and I needed to double check that she was ok with me being there. So I'm standing outside the door and I hear "OK. We're gonna start pushing." and my mind goes "OH! I should be in there right now!" and so I knock and the nurse comes to the door, and I go "Hi, I'm Brooke, I'm a nursing student and I've been assigned to this room." (notice how I didn't give her a choice about whether or not I was there...) And she goes "Oh, ok, Come on in. You can help dad support mom's leg." So I go to the far side of the bed, and I help dad support mom's leg. The nurse is coaching the mother from the end of the bed.
Nurse: "Ok give me a big push"
Mom: "Urgggghhhh..."
Nurse: "I can feel his head, gimme another push."
Mom: *inhales deeply* "Uuuugggghhhh"
Nurse: "He's crowning, take a few deep breaths and then give me another big push."
Mom: *breathes for about 10 seconds* "Uhhhng"
*baby's head pops out*
Nurse: "We've got a head! Take a break for a little while."
Me: "You're doing great mom!"
Nurse: "Are you ready?"
Mom: "Uh-huh"
Nurse: "Ok, gimme a big push"
Mom: *squeaks*
*baby's arm shoots out like it's trying to get the teacher to pick him in class*
Nurse: "Great! One more big push and we'll have a baby."
Mom: *groans and pushes*
*baby shoots out*

Inside my head I'm like, "That was so cool!" and "Why the hell did I talk?" and "Oh my god there's a baby here that wasn't here 3 minutes ago!". And then I was asked to hand dad the scissors to cut the umbilical cord. And that was cool. I was like "Hey, I'm getting to be an active participant in this baby's first few minutes." And dad's hand is a little shaky, but he cuts the cord, and the baby takes it's first breath and begins to cry. And it is amazing and magical and astounding. And then I looked at mom...


Big Mistake. Now, to clarify, I knew bleeding was a natural part of childbirth, and I'm familiar with periods, and I've seen a head wound (which for those of you who don't know, bleeds like a sonovabitch) and I have had no problems. Last summer I sliced the back of my hand open down to the bone, and I was looking at the bone and muscle and fat tissues and how the muscle slid over the bone the entire ride to the Urgent care clinic to get stitched up. So, I have no issue with blood and insides of people.

However, while I expected blood, I did not expect as much blood as there was. A few seconds after the cord was cut the placenta detached from the uterus. And the placenta is stuck to the uterus by many many blood vessels. So, when it detached blood started to pour out of the vaginal opening. Like a bright red waterfall. and inside my head I'm going "OH god. She is gonna bleed out right in front of me. Why is nobody else freaking out? This cannot be normal." And I began to feel dizzy... So I backed away from the bed and sat down. The nurse asked me if I was ok, and I was all "Yeah, I'm fine." and inside my head I'm going, "YOU WILL NOT PASS OUT. YOU WILL NOT PASS OUT!" I watched the placenta get delivered, and then.... Nothing.

The next thing I know, everything is black and the nurse is slapping my upper arms.
Nurse: Brooke... Brooke! Can you hear me?
Me: Yeah...
Nurse: Ok good, Stay with me.
Me: ...
Nurse: Brooke! Stay with me... Keep talking to me.
Me: uhhh... Ok... *inside my head   "What the hell do you want me to say??? Also, WHY CAN'T I SEE??? ARE MY EYES EVEN OPEN?"*
Nurse: Keep talking to me.
Me: Ok. I can hear you.
Nurse: Ok, We're going to scoot you over and lay you down"
Me: Ok. *grab bench with hands and slide myself over*  *inside my head "Wait... I'm still sitting up? Bonus points for me!"*
Nurse: I'm going to grab your shoulders and guide you down. *does so*

So now I'm laying down and I hear,
Nurse: Did somebody get her instructor? Her color is coming back.
And then I end up getting my vision back just as my instructor walks in... *facepalm*
Instructor: So, How're you feeling?
Me: I'm alright. *inside my head "I'm laying down and people are standing over me, how do you think I'm doing???"* 

AND THAT, Kids, is the story of the first birth I saw. I did end up taking care of the mom and her newborn for the rest of the day, and the family was pretty good natured about it. :P
I Have other things to report, but that's enough for today. I'll have more time to update next week.



  1. awww...but it WAS your first time...Good luck with school! I know that is so stressful...

  2. Thanks! I still feel embarrassed though...