Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Blues

Winter is a time where we get together for the holidays, we see loved ones, we give to charities, and where we stay inside because it's too flippin cold to do anything outside. I'm in Michigan, and it is absolutely freezing. The days are grey, the snow is white, the roads are brown/grey slush, and it is freezing.

For me, the holidays are fun, if stress inducing. You see the people you love, you spend time together, there's just a warm cozy feeling. Then, shortly after the first of the year, everyone becomes a hermit.... You don't go outside unless you absolutely must, you wait until there is an obscene amount of cans and bottles laying around the garage to return them (so many that they don't fit in the trunk of your coupe, and so you say"I'll make another trip" and then you don't because "gosh it's so cold, they can wait." and now it's gotten obscene again) and you don't return the cans and bottles until you have to go to the bank, or get a haircut (but that doesn't seem entirely necessary either, you can wait til spring, right?) or some other thing happens where you can't justify staying in any longer. Then you trudge out into the snow and ice, and get going. You drive around, make the necessary stops, and arrive back home with a feeling of accomplishment. You feel better, less depressed. You make plans for the next day, and then wake up the next morning and go..."oh... it's cold... I'm not going out today" and then you stay in for a week, before deciding that enough is enough and you go out and return those bottles and cans... or maybe not....

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have an issue getting myself to do anything during the winter, post-holidays, and I get depressed. And that sucks. I wanna go out and build snowmen, and make forts, and have snowball fights... I wanna!! But I'm just too... depressed, I guess, to go out and do it. Does anyone else have that problem??? How do you make yourself do things like life in general when you don't want to???