Sunday, June 30, 2013

Costume Pieces- Halloween is a bit early this year...

Last post I mentioned that I was making my Halloween costume, and as it would happen, Bruce decided that we should do a couples costume. And since I'm already making mine he suggested he be the Mad Hatter. So, I'm making a costume for him too. I've already gotten a few pieces of his costume done.
I made buttons for his cuffs.

Hat Pins!
  And a few of mine as well.

Bracelet. I started with the chain link one,
but then I found the bangle on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabrics
(Another wallet killer for me)
So now I'm transferring all the charms to the bangle.
Pendant for my necklace, which i still have to paint, and add a handle to.
However none of the super important stuff... Like the actual outfits... urgh... Oh, well I kinda have the corset for my costume... Still in the works though.

Looks a bit crap right now, but I'm working on it!!
 However I do have colorings of Bruce's costume. :P
Jacket... I'm worried about the color scheme...
Does it look too Mardi Gras?
Should I go for a more Avocado Green?
Did I mention that Bruce wants his costume without sleeves? But he does want cuffs... So he's going to be the Mad Hatter were the Mad Hatter a male stripper. *facepalm* Oh well... I guess if I'm going to go for a kind of Pin-up look he can look like a stripper. Lol.

 So, this is where I am at. What'cha think?

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