Monday, April 29, 2013

My Birthday!!!

I'm going to the Tigers game with Bruce!!!
My Tigers Manicure. I did it myself!
I did a mani pedi 2 days ago, and it still looks awesome if I do say so myself. I'm really excited. I'm heading over to Bruce's now so we can spend the day together. I'll update this post as I have things to say. :)
Before I left for Bruce's I found money in  a purse I hadn't used in years, which was neat, and I took this picture of myself.
This is what I looked like all day long. I was the birthday princess.
And yes, my bathroom is very girly.

So, Bruce took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner, and I got what I always get, not because I'm boring, (Bruce) but because I love it. And Bruce got a filet. Apparently it was delicious, because I wasn't allowed to touch him while he was eating it, because it would "disrupt the experience"... Yeah, my boyfriend isn't strange at all.

Max Scherzer Pitching
The other pitcher pitching...
I just like this one because you can clearly see the ball.

After Prince's 3 run homer.

After the game. They won!! I was soo happy.
And Bruce didn't complain about being at the game at all. He actually said he liked it. So, the master plan of making him a fan of baseball is working... kinda. But the important thing is that we had fun... And that I found money in my purse... Magic money makes everything more awesome.

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