Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yard Sale Season- This is pretty much a ramble.

We are finally getting warm weather in Michigan! And that means Yard Sale signs EVERYWHERE!!! I have no idea what it is about the weather, or if this happens in other places, but it seems like yard sales only happen in the area where I live at 2 times of the year, as soon as it is hitting 70 degrees pretty consistently in the late spring, and in mid to late fall... again when the weather is about 70 degrees... It seems to be a strange phenomenon where people try to sell their old junk to strangers only if it's a certain temperature out though... Hmmm... could merit investigation. Also could be a fun blog post...

In other news, my Tigers manicure chipped, so I removed the polish, and redid my nails in a floral theme. Each nail has a different floral image on it, but both hands match. (i.e.- the designs on my thumbs are the same and both my ring fingers are lilac and have the same image on them.)
I used konad's nail stamping plates for the designs,
both this time and when I did the Tigers manicure.
I actually bought the black nail polish at Five Below, and while I was there I discovered a nail polish drying solution that really works. It's from the company Fresh Paint. you put one drop on the nail and within 10 seconds the polish is dry... No joke. It's awesome. I also found......
They were only 3 bucks apiece!!!

Yep.. That's Right!!! Mini Tigers Pillow Pets!!! :D And I got one for Bruce!! :P (Sidenote: Bruce actually admitted to wanting a baseball bat... Although he claims it will be for bludgeoning intruders, I'm still counting it as a win for me getting him into baseball.)
I'm going to warn you though, that store is dangerous. Everything is $5 or less... Which seems like a fantastic deal (which honestly it is...) however when things are that cheap you tend to buy a bunch. And the stuff there isn't shitty quality. It's not department store quality, but it's significantly better than the dollar store.

Anyway, apparently this post ended up being a ramble about shopping in general... And nail polish... I swear I'm not a girly girl...

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