Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dear God I'm Busy...

So, I haven't had much down time, I've been working like crazy. However, I apparently have had enough time for Arts and Crafts... So here's my latest bunch of things I've done...
For Bruce, Just because.
For my Grandma, for her birthday.
For Bruce's Brother and Sister-in-law,
to commemorate the christening of their children.
For my family.
For Bruce's mother, as decor for her bedroom...
I did two of this one, identical mirror images.
 So, apparently I enjoy melting Crayons... A bunch. Because this is how I de-stress... I do arts and crafts... Plus, right now at Meijer you can get 24 packs of crayons for 50 cents. And you can buy packs of canvases in bulk at Michaels for 20 bucks... Which is awesome. And will be a major reason I'm out of money. Because, Impulse Control, I Do Not Has It.

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