Thursday, February 20, 2014

Do You Know My Name?

So, A couple nights ago I had this dream that Bruce was calling me by my mother's name, and some other name I no longer remember. I woke up, and woke Bruce up out of a dead sleep and said "Do you know what my name is?" and it took him a second, and he goes "Brooke?" and I go "You keep calling me by my mother's name." And after a few more seconds he goes "Melissa?" and I go "Yeah, and InsertOtherNameHere."and then without even thinking about it he goes "Oh. I'm sorry." And we go back to sleep.

The next morning I'm on my way to my final clinical evaluation and the above scenario just popped into my head... And I was like... Did that actually happen? That's weird... And then I forget about it. And then after my eval, (I got a 3.8 in my psych clinical for those of you who care) Bruce texts me to see if I want to grab lunch with him. So I head over to a restaurant by his work and grab a table. He comes in and sits down and we start chatting about our respective days, and after I tell him about my clinical eval the weirdness from the night before pops into my head again. So I ask him, "Did I wake you up last night?" And he goes "Oh thank God. I'm not going crazy. I was sitting at my desk today thinking about how weird a dream that was for me to be having." And then we burst into laughter. And I go "The best part of that is that you apologized." And he goes, "Well, That goes to show you, even in my sleep I still believe that you can be right, or you can be happy."

And since then it has led to a lot of harassing and facebook conversations like this...

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