Monday, April 15, 2013

Walk and Pee... Just Walk and Pee

And I now bring you another excerpt of a conversation Emily and I had... Once again, She's in blue... (because it's her favorite color)

I'm gonna take a walk. I need to release some energy and go pee
relay for life was fun last night. I'm going to miss this when I graduate next year.

umm... I hope you're not planning to pee mid-walk.

lol nope

ok. good.

just walk to the nearest building, inside, and then pee
they'll never know it was me

in a toilet?

no, in a urinal. i've always wanted to try it

You go girl!

I might even meet my future husband


he so handsome

also... You GO girl...

Yes, we are secretly 5 year olds... Ok... So it's really not that big a secret...

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