Thursday, June 6, 2013

It Has Been A Busy Busy Week...

A Busy Busy Busy Week. Between working (AM care for a quadriplegic on the weekend,babysitting for 6-8 hours at a time, and then tutoring) , and tearing apart my closet, putting in shelving, and then putting it back together, I have had very little time to do much of anything. I've managed to spend a bit of time with Bruce, and I took Emmy to breakfast on her birthday.  Other than that I have been searching for various other jobs to fulfill the 40 hours/week requirement my parents have set for me, in order for me not to have a ridiculous curfew. And honestly the closet has taken a majority of my time.

Here are some photos of my closet after the renovation.... Trust me, you DO NOT want to see before pictures. (There are none, because honestly, I didn't want to see them either.)
Oooooh!!! Empty Shelves!!!
Empty Racks.... Pretty much just empty.
Clothes!  A cutting mat, and a box of polyfil...
I'm 22 going on 93...
(And yes, that is a Build-A-Bear box on my shelf.) 
More clothes!!! Would you believe I got rid of 1/6th
of my clothes and this is what I have left?
I clearly have too many clothes.
The colorful bins are from Five Below.
The ones that look like wicker are from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Tah-Dah!!! Organized. Now if only I can keep it that way!

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